Hostel Panorama - Portorož.

Slovenian hostel Panorama Portorož is just a shot from Piran, Portorož and Strujan. On a hill in the midst of Mediterranean nature. The family's, groups and backpackers enjoy our amazing view from big green garden and the comfort of our hostel. In winter, we are a popular point for preparing MTB and road biking. We are All Year Destination - so, we can offer activities all year around.

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Dorm for 6

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Room for 4

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Room for 4 sea view

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Room for 3

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Apartments for 5

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Apartments for 4


for 4
Dorm for 8

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Room for 3 with bath

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Room for 4 with bath

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All year long destination

The perfect climate of the Slovenian Istria enables the all year destination. From January to December, you can experience the Slovenian Coast, Istria and Karst in different disguises. Or just go with our electric bikes to Croatian Istria for a lunch or to Italy for a cup of coffee. All year long - Welcome in Hostel Panorama Portorož .

Piran, Portorož, Strunjan.

We are at the point, on the top of the hill above Portorož, Piran and Strunjan. All this places are reached at only 5 minutes driving by car.


It is that we are out from center - offering peace, safety, nature and hostel with best panoramic views, with big Mediterranean garden.

Accommodation and electric bikes

Accommodation with breakfast and from 2 day suggested electric bike tours. Lunch and dinner included in various local restaurants.


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Hostel Panorama - Portorož.

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Location - Šentjen 25, 6320 Portorož