If you are asking yourselves whether you have enough physical strength for the offered tours then the answer is definitely positive. The eBike will help you to surmount all the obstacles during your tour. The long distances will be made in a shorter time and there will be time left for other activities. What is the most important is there are no harmful emissions.

In Hostel Panorama Portorož we have electric bikes for guest. Sometimes we have special offers where you get rent an electric bike for free. Please check our offers on this link: BED & Breakfast & eBike

Our Bikes – Efficent, comfortable and eco friendly.

Electric engine of a bike gives you the extra power when cycling uphill and when you lose your own strength. Once the eBike is recharged it can go up to 175 kilometres. All depends on which of the four levels of the bike you use. The level EKO adds 40% of the power. Choosing TURBO level, this adds 250% of power and the maximal distance of this power will reduce to 45 kilometres. However, you have the possibility not to use the electric engine. And do not forget that the engine adds power only if you pedal a bike.

Easy as never

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